Client Experiences

We found his branding approach using interviews with our clients, facilitating sessions with our team and bringing in his extensive marketing and innovation expertise indispensable.

Alex & Brady’s experience…

Alex Somos and Brady Wilson are co-founders and partners of Juice Inc., a corporate training company that believes that energized and engaged employees fuel great customer experiences and better business results.

The Challenge
When we began our work with Juice Inc., the organization’s tagline and marketing message were not hitting the mark. The sales and marketing team struggled to easily communicate the connection between and value of their wide variety of offerings. They were seeking an expert to help connect the dots and energize both the brand and the team.

Our Approach
Strategic Fuel designed a customized approach to fire up the Juice brand. We followed our 5-Step Ignition Formula™ to engage the internal team and external customers in a variety of creative workshops and interviews. We explored possibilities and created team consensus around a new definition of the Juice brand using our 1-Page Brand Platform™ (vision, core belief, target audience, value proposition, personality, values, etc.).

As part of the process we also utilized a brand archetype model and survey to analyze Juice competitors and identify a unique and authentic personality and voice for the organization.

The Result
Our work has focused and energized the organization. We revised their tagline and produced a thorough Brand Ignition Guidebook to help the organization communicate their message and live their brand at every touch-point. Juice has utilized our work to rebrand their website and all of their marketing efforts.

In Alex’s Own Words
“We worked with Brent on re-branding our company (Juice Inc.) over six months. 

We found his approach—using interviews with our clients, facilitating sessions with our team and bringing in his extensive marketing and innovation expertise—indispensable. The new brand platform architecture is robust and weaves into our marketing and sales activities very well.

One of our key values at Juice is to be real in our marketing and sales approach. We wanted the brand platform to resonate and personify who we are as an organization; this is not an easy endeavor. I would say that Brent delivered on everything he promised and helped us to integrate the new messaging into all of our materials.

I would not hesitate to recommend Brent and I look forward to working with him again on other projects.”