We are on a mission to bring leaders, teams and customers onto the same page.

What sets us apart from other consultants? We are part of your team…

Our clients have been very clear that we provide a different experience than what they have had with other ‘consultants’. What seems natural to us apparently is not natural for others.

We reject the ‘consultant knows best’ model.

We roll up our sleeves and run alongside our clients. We convene conversations with internal and external stakeholders. We coach to empower leaders and project teams. We problem solve, imagine possibilities and make decisions in partnership with our clients.

What sets us apart from other insight companies? We boil it down to one-page…

We are not market researchers that stop when they have delivered a 100 page PowerPoint summary. We are strategic guides who are highly skilled at gathering and boiling down research to the essential insights. And we strategize with the team to develop a one-page road map to focus the team and propel them to victory.

We have developed a flexible 5-Step process to focus and fire up the organization or team.

Here’s a high-level look at our 5-Step Ignition Formula™!

We focus the team.
We collaboratively define the scope of the challenge and desired outcomes.

We engage critical voices.
We connect with key stakeholders (internal and external) through a wide variety of qualitative techniques including round-table discussions (virtual or in-person) and one-on-one interviews. We also partner with quantitative experts if ‘hard’ data is desired.

We connect the dots.
We use a variety of models and frameworks to make sense of what we heard, and seek to provide unique insight and perspectives.

We map the path forward.
We sketch out how the team will utilize the new awareness and clarity.

We choose priority actions.
We work collaboratively with our clients to identify what will start, stop and continue to ignite focused action.