Focused, Fuelled and Fired up!

The strategic challenges that leaders of organizations, marketing, innovation and customer experience teams have invited us to help them tackle have been varied. What is the same in all cases is the need to bring the voice of the customer and the internal team to the table in a creative, collaborative way and come together around the focus and direction forward.

It’s been a huge privilege to do that for clients like Alex & Brady, Don, Jason, Jeff, Mike & Meghan, and others like Neal, Patrick and Sarah.

Read more about our client’s challenges and see how we helped ignite their team.

Alex & Brady’s Challenge
Redefining their brand story and service architecture.
Alex & Brady’s experience

Don’s Challenge
Validating customer needs and priorities.
Don’s experience

Jason’s Challenge
Finding the market and message for a critical new product.
Jason’s experience

Jeff’s Challenge
Ensuring a new sales approach and tool works for the sales team and customers.
Jeff’s experience

Mike & Meghan’s Challenge
Uniting a diverse set of network partners around a shared brand.
Mike & Meghan’s experience

Neal’s Challenge
Testing interest in and refining a new software tool.
Neal’s experience

Patrick’s Challenge
Identifying opportunities to improve the customer journey.
Patrick’s experience

Sarah’s Challenge
Ensuring a go-to market strategy would resonate with customers for a successful product launch.
Sarah’s experience

Our commitment to our clients…

To guide leaders, like you and your team, to craft a shared strategic focus and direction that ignites the success of your team and your customers.

Here’s some other companies with which we have led or participated in projects with: